I love this idea. And I will be sending a cute picture of Sophie sleeping on the highest of our sunshine-colored shelves later.

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The Internet has many sites devoted to photos of the innards of the world’s most beautiful libraries, and even more sites showcasing the elaborate home libraries of Apparently Very Wealthy Individuals. Peter Knox, a Brooklyn-based rabid reader, has decided to maintain a blog of photos of the home libraries of regular folks. If you want the world to be able to see what you (presumably) read or intend to read, you can submit your own photo for all to see.

Meanwhile, we’ve added ShareYourShelf to The Atlanta Booklover’s blogroll, so you can while away some spare time indulging your curiosity about What Other People Read.

And you might be interested in reading Peter’s essay What Your Bookshelf Says about You (and the readers’ comments, some of them very disparaging of Peter’s conclusions), which includes Peter’s (also controversial) tips for organizing your home library.

Found via Shelf Awareness for Readers

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