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I have a new part-time gig! I am an associate editor and contributor for The Shakespeare Standard. Here is TSS Mission Statement:

Shakespeare is a broad field comprised of multiple, and more often than we’d like, disparate, communities — scholarship, performance, education, media, pop culture, and modern language to name a few. The mission of The Shakespeare Standard is to foster and celebrate these communities online, and to drive the conversation among these communities and their members, believing that this conversation will constitute a modern living playhouse, where ideas, images, discussion, debates, current events, arts, and individuals forge a new and emerging community comprised of the disparate parts.

Today I launched a new Saturday Feature “A Feast of Languages: Global Shakespeare News,” which will cover international and non-Anglophone performances and websites, foreign films, and Global Shakespeare scholarship.

If you have any suggestions, please email me at colleenekh@gmail.com or kennedy.623@buckeyemail.osu.edu with the subject line “Global Shakespeare.”