The Shakespeare Standard is looking for volunteer editors and occasional contributors to help expand our Saturday “Shakespeare’s Language(s) feature” as well as other features in Multimedia, Education, Voices, Performance, and Foolery.

We are also looking for editors-at-large you would contribute columns in general content areas and in relief of other editors when necessary.

>>Persons who run an existing Shakespeare blog are also welcome to apply to join the TSS syndication pool of contributors.

In “Language,” we have two editors who each write their own dedicated columns. Colleen Kennedy covers “Global Shakespeare News” (non-Anglophone and international Shakespeare performances, films, and adaptations) in her weekly column “A Great Feast of Languages” and Josh Magsam writes on “Shakespearean Languages, Digital Humanities, & Social Media News” in his monthly feature “Talking in Signs.”

We are looking for an additional editor or contributor who would like to help write articles on Global Shakespeare News. In addition, we are searching for editors who could start new columns (at least once a month) on Shakespeare’s Language(s). Suggested devoted columns:

Shakespeare’s Language –Then and Now (title TBD): While David Crystal attempts to recreate original pronunciation practices, the director of the forthcoming Romeo and Juliet, Julian Fellowes, wrote his script in a bowdlerized, simplified, Shakespearese. This column would highlight such news stories on either preserving Shakespeare’s language and/or highlighting how and why his language is altered. Features could be devoted to a particular word or phrase coined by Shakespeare, Shakespearean etymologies and onomastics, etc.

Foreign Films (title TBD): There are many great Shakespearean foreign film adaptations, including many that are not in English. We are looking for a reviewer for these films–from Kurosawa to Bharadwaj and everyone in between.

Foreign Scholarship (title TBD): In addition to the regular Monday feature “The Scrivener,” which highlights Shakespearean scholar news (cfps, job postings, new publications, conferences, academic workshops, etc.), we are looking for a contributor who would like to do the same, but for international conferences, workshops, cfps, etc., with a global or non-Anglophone focus. Conferences in the U.S., UK, and Canada–with a global, international, or non-Anglophone focus are also ideal.

As one of these editors you would be expected to complete the following:

• Research and write a weekly (bimonthly, or monthly) article for your given area of news, and/or covering for other editors as the need arises.

• Help promote the website whenever possible.

• Help with the completion of projects for the website whenever possible.

• Assist in planning for the future of the TSS website.

If you are interested, please contact Jeremy Fiebig or Kim Keeline by email at Please be sure to provide your resume, and a cover letter.

explaining both your experience with Shakespeare and your areas of interest.

Thank you again for your interest in The Shakespeare Standard, we look forward to hearing from you.