Professional Development

Graduate Minors and Certifications:

English Department Graduate Workshops:

  • Workshop Participant, “The History and Future of Fairy Tales.” Dir. Donald Haase (Wayne State University). OSU. Fall 2012.
  • Workshop Participant, “Medieval & Renaissance Iconoclasm.” Dir. James Simpson (Harvard University). The Ohio State University, Spring 2012.
  • Workshop Participant, “Monumental Shakespeare & Shakespeare’s Sonnets.” Dir. Dympna Callaghan (Syracuse University). The Ohio State University, Winter 2011.
  • Workshop Participant, “Eighteenth Century Drama Workshop: Oriental She-Tragedies.” Dir. Felicity Nussbaum (UCLA). The Ohio State University, Fall 2010.

Departmental Service:

  • English Graduate Organization, Graduate Program and Policy Committee Member.  The Ohio State University. 2011-2013.
  • Program Manager of the Graduate Lounge Renovation Project. The Ohio State University. 2012.
  • English Department Mentor for incoming graduate students, The Ohio State University. 2011-2012.
  • President, Renaissance Reading Group’s “Bible Babble” Reading Group, The Ohio State University. 2010-2012.

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