Previous Teaching Experience

I have a relatively long and varied teaching experience for a graduate student. While working on my MA in English at University at Buffalo, I was able to teach freshman composition, advanced composition, and also be a teaching assistant grader for Professor Diane Christian, who teaches several of the University’s most popular lectured courses–Heaven, Hell, and Judgment; Bible as Literature; and Mythology. I continued to be one of Professor Christian’s dedicated TAs until I moved to Columbus to begin the PhD program at the Ohio State University.
After finishing my MA, I continued to teach at UB, and because I was an invited keynote speaker for the Niagara University’s annual conference on Shakespeare’s comedies, I was asked to adjunct there as a sabbatical replacement for their Shakespeare professor. During that time, I taught an upper-level Shakespeare course (cross-listed for English, Theatre, and Education majors), the first part of the British Literature Survey course, and Introduction to Literature.
I moved to Rochester, NY and was hired as a full-time lecturer (four classes per semester), a non-tenure track, yet renewable contract at Monroe Community College. I taught several sections of Composition each semester, but also taught a variety of literature courses–Introduction to Shakespeare, Mythology, Children’s Literature, and Introduction to Literature. 

AU 2007- SU 2009, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY.

  • Full-Time Lecturer
  • Introduction to Composition  (AU 2007, SP 2008, AU 2008, SP 2009)
  • Introduction to Literature  (AU 2007)
  • Advanced Composition (AU 2007)
  • Children’s Literature (SP 2008, SU 2008, AU 2008)
  • Mythology (SP 2008, SU 2008, SP 2009)
  • Introduction to Shakespeare (SP 2008, SP 2009)

AU 2006-AU 2007, Niagara University, Lewiston, NY.

  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Shakespeare (English/Theatre)  (AU 2007)
  • Major British Writers I  (AU 2006, SP 2007, AU 2007)
  • Introduction to Literature (SP 2007)

AU 2003-SP 2005, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.

  • Adjunct Instructor
  • College Composition (AU 2003)
  • Advanced Composition (Fairytales; SP 2004, SP 2005) (Utopias, AU 2005)

AU 2002-SP 2009, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.


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